Escape Room Tips: How to Escape like a Veteran

Believe it or not, there are people around the world who have been to hundreds of escape rooms. These veterans of live puzzle games are called “live escapers” and they have developed a skill set necessary to beat most escape rooms regularly. Sure they still get stumped but by and large they have developed a way of thinking thru this puzzles that apply to most escape rooms. The perfect escape room experience is when you’ve been challenged yet found a way through with a group of friends and family. The tips below will help you think like “live escapers” helping you develop the thinking patterns necessary to be successful.

Work as a team

It’s common place to see groups of people where only 1-2 people are actively looking for ways to solve a room while the others are just along for the ride. The best thing to do when going to an escape room is working together. How do you do that? Everyone should spread out looking at different areas of the room. Often times, groups will bunch up together in one area looking at the exact same things. Instead, it’s better to have people look at other parts of the room at one time and rotate. People have different skill sets and we all look at things in many different ways.

Talk out loud!

Escape room designers are great at creating feelings of suspense making it tough to think through a puzzle let alone want to talk about it. When you announce your findings to a group, everyone can process and think through your findings.¬†An obvious clue to someone else may not be as obvious to you. If something looks out of place, think out loud and tell your teammates. They may pick up on something that you haven’t.

Work fast but take a step back

It’s easy to get caught up in an escape room. You only have an hour with a group of people to solve a puzzle designed to be challenging. This creates a feeling of anxiety and in some players, causes tunnel vision. Work fast but take a minute to take a deep breath and think through your current findings. When players get tunnel vision, they tend to look right thru the most obvious clues. If you come across a puzzle and can’t figure it out, leave it alone and grab someone else. A fresh set of eyes can go a long way in solving a puzzle that has you stumped.

Google isn’t Welcome here

In a world where everyone relies on their smartphones to get around, It’s hard for some people to think creatively in an escape room. The thing is that Google can’t help you in this spot. There is no index for solving escape rooms as all of them are completely unique and designed in different ways. The best way to use Google is to learn how to think through puzzles. Otherwise, you won’t find anything like a cheat code or strategy guide for any escape room out there.

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