Escape Room Tips: How to Escape like a Veteran

Believe it or not, there are people around the world who have been to hundreds of escape rooms. These veterans of live puzzle games are called “live escapers” and they have developed a skill set necessary to beat most escape rooms regularly. Sure they still get stumped but by and large they have developed a … Continued

How to Choose Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Escape Rooms are exploding in popularity around the United States. In Los Angeles, there are plenty of great escape room games to choose from. Sometimes, for people just starting out, they have a hard time deciding which escape room to choose and why. Because of that, The Room in LA has decided to help you … Continued

The Brief History of Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are blowing up in popularity but where did they come from? They seemingly appeared out of thin air but when you ask people how they got started, most people have no idea! There are several theories but no single event that started it all. Instead, upon looking at the history, we’ve found it’s … Continued

The Benefits of Going to Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms in Los Angeles and across the United States are exploding in popularity—and for good reason! Not only are they fun, they have a wide variety of hidden benefits for friends, family, and businesses. How did escape rooms get started? The history of escape rooms can be traced back to old point and click … Continued