The Benefits of Going to Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms in Los Angeles and across the United States are exploding in popularity—and for good reason! Not only are they fun, they have a wide variety of hidden benefits for friends, family, and businesses.

How did escape rooms get started?

The history of escape rooms can be traced back to old point and click computer games that came out in the 1980’s. In these games, you had to click around and solve various puzzles to advance from one “room,” or level, to the next. Little did anyone know that these games would be brought to life more than 20 years later in the form of actual, physical escape rooms.
Why are escape rooms so popular?

To put it simply, escape rooms are a whole lot of fun! When you’re trying to solve a challenging escape room, your adrenaline starts pumping and your creative juices start flowing. You’ll also feel a sense of closeness and build camaraderie with whoever you’re working with. However, escape rooms are much more than just a fun time on a Friday night; below we’ve outlined some of the biggest benefits of going to and getting through an escape room.

Psychological Benefits

Far too often we get complacent in the routine of their everyday lives, never putting ourselves in situations that push us outside of our comfort zone; this everyday routine can dull the senses and stunt your creative growth. An escape room requires that you think outside of your regular thought process, which encourages teamwork, allows people to refresh their creative thinking, and improve their problem-solving skills.

Increased Self-Confidence

Successfully accomplishing tasks causes a chemical reaction in our brains that releases dopamine, which is linked to better concentration, memory, and mood. This neurotransmitter is released by the body when you learn new things; without regularly stimulating your mind to produce dopamine, day-to-day life can quickly feel boring and routine.
Benefits in Business

Team Building

Trust, eagerness, and leadership skills are all important aspects of any team, especially in a business environment. A challenging escape room can bring out the very best in your colleagues and help define what roles they can excel in. Some people are leaders while others are more comfortable in a support role; others are better at seeing the big picture while you may find some co-workers are best at the finer details. Believe it or not, you can see all this play out in an escape room. Sometimes you’ll see confidence and decision-making shine through that you otherwise wouldn’t have in an everyday work environment.


No matter how much your enjoy your job, work can still be trying at times. When morale and motivation dip, productivity and creativity suffer. Escape rooms provide a set of a smaller tasks that lead to an ultimate goal. Sound familiar? This is exactly how a business operates! When people accomplish a major task or goal, it’s only natural to feel an overwhelming sense of pride; so, a team building exercise like an escape room can boost morale and get people thinking outside of the box.

If you’re interested in spurring creativity with a team building exercise that is fun, challenging, and helps companies connect, give us a call to book your next escape room adventure!